Soap making recipes and resources

Please Note: this is a resource page for students of my soap making workshops. However all are welcome to use the information and links collected
Although they can be used for cold process soaps, most of the Cuardach recipes  are hot processed. Cuardach Recipes are at the bottom of the page.

Cuardach Farm Recipes
Cuardach Farm recipes are given out as part of our workshops however all are welcome to use them. If you have any questions on the Cuardach recipes please feel free to email.

Cuardach Basic soap with Lard and Grocery Store ingredients
 -oops found a type error in this recipe!. I am adjusting this recipe, link will be back up soon

Cuardach Basic soap with Tallow and Basic Grocery store ingredients
 -oops found a type error in this recipe!. I am adjusting this recipe, link will be back up soon

Cuardach Coffee and or Tea soap with Basic ingredients
 -oops found a type error in this recipe!. I am adjusting this recipe, link will be back up soon

Suppliers in Canada (Ontario)
Comments on each company are my own personal opinion on my experiences dealing with these suppliers. Some are suppliers I have used and some I know of.  I receive no commission from recommending them.

Ontario Suppliers
Blended Specialty Chemical -Cyrville Road Ottawa- (No Website)
best price locally for Coconut oil, only open weekdays 

Candora Soap and Soap supplies-   ( have not used this supplier as yet but will be placing an order in the near future. Last time i checked their website a lot of their links were not functional but after contacting they informed me they are making a number of changes to their website)

Canwax- (my personal favorite:great products, good customer service, and very fast delivery!)

New Directions Aromatics
( have not used this supplier as yet, has a 100$ min order)

Saffire Blue 
Cannot recommend using this supplier-just my own personal experience
(fragrance oil strength is low, delivery is unacceptably slow: can be up to 4 weeks sometimes much more, and I have had several bad experiences when dealing with them ) Some people have good luck with this supplier.

Xen Bath and Beauty Supplies- ( have not used this supplier as yet,but they have stainless steel bath bomb molds so will be ordering soon)

American Suppliers
Majestic Mountain Sage
Brambleberry Soap Making Supplies

Qualities of Soapmaking oils credit: (from
Loving Soap Oils Chart: (from lovinsoap)
Additives and what they do (this is a supplier from California but they have a good narrative of what each product does)
Cosmetic Chemistry Blog: Canadian Blog on cosmetic chemistry additives, recipes
How long does my Soap need to cure -informative article on soap curing
Beeswax and coconut oil Ratios- Marie at (Humblebee and Me) on using beeswax and coconut oil
Beeswax and liquid oil ratios- Marie at (Humblebee and Me) on using beeswax and liquid oil

Top 8 online lye calculators
Fragrance calculator from Brambleberry
Convert ounces to grams

The reason I will not use Palm oil in my soaps
Due to the incredible amount of damage to the environment and animal habitat that is caused by the harvesting of palm oil many soap makers including myself have decided not to use palm oil in any of our products. Even sustainable palm oil contains certain amounts of palm oil that is not harvested in a sustainable and non damaging manner and the regulation of sustainable palm oil is not reliable. Therefore I have made a personal decision not to use any palm oil in my soaps, soap recipes, or sell items in my shop that contain palm oil.

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